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Part – 1

This is my journey from an amateur to a professional photographer. It is a dream for everyone who thinks of photography. He starts with a phone camera and then moves on to buy a DSLR. Once he buys an entry-level DSLR, he thinks, ahh… now I am a professional photographer. All I have to do is get clients and I will become a professional photographer. But no, when he steps out into the world, he sees a different picture. This is what happens to most of the so-called “photographers” out there. This has happened to me also. I will share with you my journey from an amateur to a professional. So you can also follow the steps and understand what it really takes to become a professional photographer.

How did it start?

This started with a phone camera indeed, but like everyone else, I was not content with the quality and size. So I bought my first camera which is a Fujifilm and it had a zoom lens attached. I liked some of those photos, but something was missing. It is not one of those photos that I see on the internet. That’s when one of my friends told me to use zoom and take photos. I tried it, and voila, there is a professional-looking image. After that every photo I took, I used the zoom feature. Then I learned how to do retouching. This is not the retouching which is a professional level, but the one that your phone uses. The skin smoothening trick. For some time, I considered myself equal to those professional photographers until I hit the next wall.

My first DSLR

The images were grainy and not at a professional level. I still can’t print my photographs. So I decided to buy a DSLR. I searched the internet and various brochures for help. Which brand should I choose? That is when someone suggested, to go for Canon. But why? The camera body evolves every year based on the present technology, but the lens won’t change. So if you are choosing a brand, choose the one which offers the best lens in the industry. So that as you move on the journey, you can invest more in lenses and less on the body.


Just as any beginner, I was photographing random stuff, flowers, mountains, or even dewdrops, whatever looked good. I was searching google images for inspiration that is when I stumbled upon Pinterest. This is one good app for inspiration. This is where I found composition techniques and multiple online tutorials to edit our photographs. But that was not good enough, I needed more. I wanted to know the techniques that other photographers were using, the full process of photography from start to finish.


I searched YouTube one after the other, but all the tutorials were in bits and pieces. This is when I came across Udemy. I took multiple classes like Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography, Ultimate Fashion Photography Masterclass: Your 2018 Guide, The Ultimate Guide To Food Photography, and Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen. I searched the internet and came across other sites the Creative Live and Pro Edu, where I learned the techniques from the best in the industry.

But all this knowledge is no good if you do not practice. This is when I bought strobes and light modifiers. But I was still using Canon 1200D. So I thought this is the time I switch to a better camera, from entry-level to medium level. I bought Canon 70D.

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