Hi! I am Meghal Sivan – Food Photographer

If you ask about me, I would say, a self-taught Food Stylist and a Food Photographer based in Kerala, India. I specialize in Food photography and portrait photography. Please do feel to read further to know about me.

What started as a hobby 10 years ago quickly turned into a passion, which led me to leave 15 years of my corporate role to pursue it. With a self-learning approach, watching numerous videos, taking up multiple online courses, gazing at thousands of photos to understand techniques, and also most importantly by putting all of it to practice, and I started styling and photographing food. Of course, I also do portrait photography in addition to this. Naturally, the chef also wants a portrait right.

Today I own a spacious studio. My clients include Dosagram and Legi’s Kitchen. Please feel free to contact me. I have given the details on this contact page.

Having said, It does not mean I did not undergo any formal education regarding photography and lighting. I am student of Karl Taylor Education, Photigy, Creative Live, and I learnt most of my basics of photography from Udemy.